Fit for A King

Ibérico ham’s singular qualities make it ideal for special occasions. Indulge your friends and family with one of the World’s most coveted gourmet products and watch them marvel as its orchestra of sweet, nutty and lightly salty flavors, delicious aroma and melt in your mouth texture. Knowing it’s a culmination of centuries of tradition and culture, artisan curing processes and organic breeding makes it an experience they will never forget.

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The art of hand slicing

HAND SLICED and eaten immediately is the best way to enjoy the incomparable flavors of the Ibérico ham. There are long sharp knives available specially designed for cutting ham into wafer thin slices, and in Spain there are skilled ham slicers adept at their art. Slicing Ibérico ham correctly is a ritual that enhances the tasting experience.

Serve and Enjoy  

Serve and enjoy

To enjoy all of the flavour and aromas of Ibérico bellota ham, it is best to eat it only with some bread. Red wines, aged (crianza) or not, and moderately aged (crianza) dry whites with moderate acidity are a good accompaniment. In any case, the consensus among experts is that the best matches are fino and manzanilla sherries. Here is delicious Ibérico recipe whith sherry wine. Enjoy it!

The Chef recommends

Although superb eaten alone, Spanish Ibérico ham can also turn the simplest dishes into a memorable meal. Whether you are a haute-cuisine chef in search of culinary inspiration or simply love new food sensations, you can count on the Ibérico ham to satisfy the senses like no other.

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