A World of Flavors

Ham is not the only product that the Ibérico pig provides. In accordance with tradition, every part of the animal is used. While most of these products are more commonly made with regular pig meat, when substituted with Ibérico pork they become a memorable gastronomic experience.

Iberico Chorizos  

Ibérico Chorizos

Chorizo is one of Spain’s great culinary assets; a delectable cured sausage spiced with garlic and lashings of paprika. It is not only superb eaten alone but forms the basis of many local dishes. When made with meat from the Ibérico black pig, it becomes the king of chorizos and an exquisite gourmet treat.

Iberico Salchichon  

Ibérico Salchichón

Salchichón is similar to salami – a versatile product flavoured with a variety of mildly peppery spices.Ibérico salchichón uses meat from the Ibérico pig, turning this popular cured sausage into a gastronomic delight.

Iberico Morcilla  

Ibérico Morcilla

Morcilla is often likened to black pudding – yet its subtle spices are distinctly Spanish and the addition of rice makes for a much more interesting texture. Rich, earthy and versatile, Ibérico Morcilla can be eaten hot or cold, adds a wonderful, meaty flavor to many dishes or can be served alone.

Iberico Morcon  

Ibérico Morcón

Seasoned with sweet paprika and garlic Morcón is a succulent delicacy that is similar to chorizo but made with juicier cuts of meat. When that meat comes from the Ibérico black pig, it becomes Ibérico Morcón – a breed apart.

Iberico Fresh Meats  

Ibérico Fresh Meats

Fresh meat from the Ibérico black pig is not your average pork. Free range grazing lends the meat a distinctive marbled quality and richness of flavor. The most prized cut is the secreto – section between the pig’s shoulder blade and loin. Whether roasted, grilled, fried or cooked on the BBQ, Fresh Ibérico is a cut above.