Learning to cut Iberico Ham in Culinary Schools  

Learning to cut Iberico Ham in Culinary Schools

As part of Spain’s promotion plan for Iberico Ham in the United States, last December the The Trade Commission of Spain in New York with the support of COVAP (Dehesa Cordobesa) y Fermín organized several presentations to teach what makes Iberico Ham different and how to slice by hand the traditional boned leg of ham.

Hand slicing is a traditional skill, and arguably the best way to slice one of these incredibly delicious hams.

In Chicago the Cordon Bleu college of culinary arts hosted R.Martin from Fermin whom showed how to cut the ham in collaboration with teacher Blanca Valencia to 90 participating student chefs.

Johnson and Wales University in Miami hosted more that 60 chef students whom learned firsthand from ham slicing expert Franscisco Carrasco how to hand slice the leg of Iberico Ham.

As we look forward to 2013, some Iberico Ham may well be coming to your school.